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    Bricking machine for Rotary kiln

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    Bricking machine for Rotary kiln

    Economical bricking arch furnace machine

    The small kiln of this type is suitable for the maximum 3.65m, low cost, with a single cylinder in the foot arch

    Horizontal movement on the frame. This structure allows builders to quickly build refractory bricks in a narrow space (2 hours per hour)

    ~3 meters, and provide the safety guarantee on the premise of ensuring the best masonry quality.

    The whole equipment can be adjusted 1.25m to adapt to different kiln types.


    Single arch brick laying machine

    This model is a single arch, moderate price, suitable for any type of kiln size. But usually it is applied to 4m

    Kiln type below diameter.

    The cylinders equipped with this equipment allow builders to quickly and safely lay bricks (2~3m per hour). answer

    The scaffolding designed with ergonomic design can be used as a suggestion channel. copyright UWA


    Double arch brick laying machine

    This type of double arch masonry, the fastest (4~6m per hour), allowing two workers to work at the same time.

    Scaffolding with 2728kg steps, the construction workers free to move, easy to carry refractory bricks. This model

    It is the most widely used model at present.


    Adjustable double arch brick machine

    adjustable double arch brick machine,double arch brick rig, china made rig for rotary kiln

    This type has the characteristics of double arch brick laying machine the same, the difference is that it can be adjusted in the range of 3m,

    Therefore, it can be widely used in various kiln types, and can be used in special occasions such as taper and conical parts. Especially suitable for

    A factory or building furnace company with a variety of kiln types. 鏈枃鏉ヨ嚜濡傛柉


    HAIDE offers the Adjustable Double Arch Bricking Machine for variable diameter & no changed diameter rotary kiln. Just offer us the Kiln net diameter & refractory brick size, we will offer you the professional & favorite machine for your project!

    Haide Machine Co.,Ltd.

    Professional manufacturer of Bricking Rig / Brick Lining Machine for Rotary Kiln Cement factory refractory construction



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