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    Masonry requirements of 4.3*64m Rotary Kiln

    2017-11-09 | Hits:
    Keywords: Masonry requirements of 4.3*64m Rotary Kiln

    Masonry requirements of 4.3*64m rotary kiln

    The supply requirements of a 肖4.3 × 64m rotary kiln and its supporting four-stage preheater, the fourth generation grate cooler, carbide slag drying, kiln hood and other equipment, facilities and refractory castables Refractory materials demolition, masonry and repair requirements for everyone to look at. First look at the configuration of refractory materials.

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    Material supply technical requirements: technical requirements

    2.1.1 Party B according to Party 肖4.3 × 64 kiln type for the supply of refractory bricks, and accurately calculate the firing with mafic aluminum spinel brick, the transition zone with the size of silicon brick brick brick type Supply, the technical requirements of the number of brick purchase only for reference. UWA

    2.1.2 Appearance Quality inspection Acceptance: Dimensional Tolerance Check. The maximum tolerance of the length of the brick is ± 2mm, and the maximum tolerance in the height direction is ± 4mm. missing situation. Allowing the bulk of the bulk of the brick and the small head length of a total of no more than 40mm damage, but the length of the length of the total damage does not exceed 20mm; deficit situation. Brick of the bulk and small head, only allowed to have a corner loss, allowing the brick corner damage at the three corners of the length of the corner loss and not more than 60mm. crack situation. Brick surface does not allow hair-like fine cracks, if found outside the brick crack, have to refuse to use. pit and drum package situation. The brick surface allows the maximum diameter of 10mm pits and the largest diameter of 0.5mm drum package; damp conditions. Refractory bricks in the transport, storage, storage process due to improper operation caused by local damp or block bricks tide, should refuse to use. UWA refractory castable requirements by species classification, moisture-proof packaging, shall not be damp or wet.


    2.2 destroyed the kiln leather technical requirements:

    2.2.1 Party B is responsible for the lighting and safety of the construction area, to defend and work, to take effective measures to ensure the safety of construction, to prevent personal accidents, if any, the responsibility borne by the B.

    2.2.2 Party B according to Party A designated maintenance location, according to the provisions of erection of a good platform for safe construction.

    2.2.3 destroyed the kiln skin, refractory bricks required to use a small cart transfer out of the kiln, can not be turned out through the kiln.

    2.3 rotary kiln brick construction technical requirements:

    2.3.1 Rotary kiln internal cylinder grinding and cleaning and draw the bottom center line: Clean the kiln debris and dust with a broom before the kiln brick work begins. 鏈枃鏉ヨ嚜濡傛柉 with electric grinding machine and electric cleaning brush, etc. will turn the kiln inside the crust, welding scar and other polished clean. Use the isosceles triangle method to delineate the bottom brickline centerline.

    2.3.2 Stir the refractory mud The main role of refractory mud is to bond the solid masonry, adjust the relative position of masonry, set the masonry expansion joints, etc .; refractory mud varieties and the use of norms, determined by the technical staff of the Party. Preparation of refractory mud equipment to be clean, after use must be promptly cleaned. modulation of refractory mud must be used to clean water, to reconcile to the uniform, with the use of fire; a small amount of refractory soil, need to screen removed; damp knot with large or expired refractory mud, initial condensate mud shall not be used.

    2.3.3 Brick requirements masonry cement kiln refractory bricks should be carried out from the kiln head to the kiln in turn, and the middle masonry is forbidden. UWA Brick, we must use wooden hammer or rubber hammer masonry, to avoid damage to the refractory bricks. During the construction of each brick before and after the gray mouth to be evenly wiping mud, by the real tight, to ensure that the masonry between the piles firmly bonded, brick mud fullness greater than 90%, expansion joints stay evenly, straight , Filled with fire mud. to ensure that the brick straight, gray mouth uniform, elastic appropriate, the arc surface formation, joint fastening of the technical requirements. Masonry tiles are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the kiln axis, and the longitudinal slits shall be controlled within 3 mm. The same masonry section within the full length of the twist does not exceed 30mm, ring lining lining the side of the brick with less than 3mm. refractory bricks need to be processed, should be used to cut brick processing, to ensure that the brick structure is not damaged, processing corner flush rules. The length of not less than the original refractory bricks of 1/2; otherwise the axle should be processed two bricks for joints. UWA masonry process in the masonry masonry, if uneven, puzzle in the top of the brick under the pad to fill the gap to fill the gap, so that the brick body is solid, the brick ring is still parallel with the rest. refractory bricks in the handling process to lightly move, light to prevent the brick angle damage, reverse the process to have anti-rain, anti-moisture measures.

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